Copyright and TIS

As a compilation, Together in Song (The Australian Hymn Book II)
draws material from all sorts of places giving you access to a range of
songs. This means that there is no simple answer to the copyright
question. For hymns that are Public Domain or ICEL, you don’t need
permission to reprint or project.

Which hymns are Public Domain? Look at the smaller print at the end
of the hymn. If it doesn’t have © or words like “used by permission”
then it’s Public.

For current copyright hymns, you may need permission to reproduce
material for use in public. Each copyright holder and publisher has
different agreements with the licensing agencies. The main ones in
Australia are CCLI and One License (select Australia as the region at the top of the page).

Even if you have a full set of books and only project or print hymns
occasionally you need to know that, from a copyright perspective, you
may still need permission to make these new copies. Royalties for
copies are not included in the cost of the books.

Use in a worship service is public use. If you are making copies for
planning purposes, rehearsal (education) or for private use, then there
are no copyright requirements.

Please get in touch if you have questions about particular hymns in
TIS, and we'll try to help.