Editorial Committee

Many people have contributed to bringing you Together in Song. The current Editorial Committee continue to monitor the use and effectiveness of Together in Song, to research new material for inclusion in future versions and to assist in the promotion of the hymnbook to congregations across Australia. The current Editorial Committee members are:

Rev'd Dr. David Cole (Anglican) - Chair
Mr. Alan Collyer (Lutheran)
Rev'd Dr. Christopher Willcock SJ (Roman Catholic)
Rev'd David McGregor (Uniting Church)
Dr Paul Taylor (Roman Catholic)

From time to time the committee seeks advice and information from others in the church community. Consultants to TiS material are:

Ms. Megan McLaughlin
Mr Philip Nicholls
Rev'd Dr Merryl Blair
Professor Rev'd Dorothy Lee

The Framework for TiS
To reflect the needs and values of Australian churches, the Editorial Committee has drawn the contents of Together in Song from a vast range of sources. Seventy-five Australians have contributed to the lyrics and musical settings contained in the Hymn Book, including Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. There are also contributions from more than 47 countries around the world, emphasising our membership of the worldwide Christian community. Women have a strong representation with works from more than 80 female songwriters and composers included. Over half of the contents have been composed within the last 50 years, strengthening the place of the book within today's church. Inspiring works of modern composers and writers such as those of Brian Wren, John Bell and members of the Taizé community, have been included and from a traditional perspective, there are cherished hymns from such favourite writers as Charles Wesley and Isaac Watts, along with hymns from Lutheran sources and other traditions.