Hymn Competition

In 2013, the Australian Hymn Book held its inaugural hymn-writing competition, as part of its work of gathering the finest congregational songs for its growing Together in Song collection, and thanks to the generosity of benefactor Ian Gibbs. 
Entries were to have a focus on Pauline theology, either in general or in relation to one of a selection of nominated verses from Paul's epistles. Hymn writers could use an existing tune, or compose their own.
Over 120 entries were received from across Australia and around the world, in a variety of musical styles, and generally of an excellent standard. The winning entries, as judged by the AHB editorial committee, were as follows:

  • Winner - Level 1 (general) "The gift that all may give" - Text: Helen Wiltshire, Tune: Norman Inglis (original)

  • Honourable Mention - Level 1 (general) "Reconciliation" - Text: George Garnsey

  • Winner - Level 2 (specific) "New Life in Christ" - Text: Rodney Horsfield

  • Honourable Mention - Level 2 (specific) "Come Spirit God" - Text and tune: Brian Hill

The winning entries have been prepared for publication by the editorial committee, and have now been included in “Songs of Grace”, the new supplement song book to Together in Song .